touch up

Miracle Touch Up

Miracle Touch Up English Name: Miracle Touch Up. Manufacturer: Dexlevo Inc. Classification: Cosmetics. Packaging: 5ml x 5 vials/Box. Storage method: Storage at room temperature (Below than 25℃) Efficacy, Effect: Skin lighting, strengthening and whi ...


Hyaron Prefilled Inj.

Hyaron Prefilled Inj. Manufacturer: Dongkook Pharmaceutical Classification: prescription drugs Packaging unit: 2.5ml x 10syringe/box Storage method: Room temperature storage (1 ~ 30u2103) Efficacy and effect: Temporary improvement of facial wrinkle ...

touch br

Miracle Touch BR

Miracle Touch BR Manufacturer: Dexrevo Category: Cosmetics Packaging unit: 8mL x 5Vial Storage method: Store at room temperature (below 25u2103) Efficacy.Effect: Enhance skin whitening, whitening

celosome aqua


CELOSOME Aqua Manufacturer : ExcoBio Category: Medical Device Packaging unit: 2.5ml x 5syringe/box Storage method: Store at room temperature (1 ~ 30u2103) Efficacy and effect: Moisturizing the skin