Mesocartin Inj.

Mesocartin Inj. English Name: Mesocartin Inj. Manufacturer: Dae Han New Pharm. Classification: Prescription drugs. Packaging: 1000mg/5ml. Storage method: Storage at temperature room (Below 25℃). Efiicacy, Effect: Product for remove/eliminate subcut ...

bonafill slim


bonafill slim English name: Bonafill Slim. Manufacturer: Beautiful Korea. Distributor: Let It Beauty Co,. Ltd. Classification: Cosmetics Packaging: 3ml x 3vials/box.  Storage Method: Storage at room temperature (Between 1 ~ 30℃) Efficacy ...


V Line-A Solution Essence

V Line-A Solution Essence Manufacturer: BR PHARM Category: Cosmetics Packaging unit: 10 mL X 5 / 30 mL X 3 Storage method: Store at room temperature (below 25u2103) Efficacy.Effect: A product that decomposes subcutaneous fat



KABELLINE Manufacturer: DEXLEVO INC. Category: Cosmetics Packaging unit: 8ml x 5vial/box Storage method: Room temperature storage (1 ~ 30u2103) Efficacy and effect: Temporary improvement of facial wrinkles

Lipo lab


Lipo lab Korean name: 리포랩English name: LIPO LABManufacturer: GMSClassification: prescription drugsPackaging unit: 10ml-10visl/boxStorage method: Store at room temperature (below 25℃)Efficacy.Effect: A product that decomposes subcutaneous fat.