Meditoxin 200 unit

Meditoxin 200 unit

Manufacturer : Medytox

Main ingredient : Clostridium botulinum toxin type A

Additives: Sodium chloride 0.9mg, human serum albumin 0.5mg

Efficacy : 

1. Treatment of benign essential blepharospasm in adults 18 years of age or older

2. Treatment of spasticity-induced cusp deformity in pediatric cerebral palsy patients over 2 years of age

3. Temporary improvement of moderate-to-severe severe glabellar lines related to wrinkle eye muscles and frown muscle activity in adults between the ages of 18 and 65

4. Muscle stiffness: Treatment of upper extremity stiffness related to stroke in adults over 20 years of age

5. Temporary improvement of moderate to severe lateral canthal folds (periorbital folds) related to orbital muscle activity in adults between the ages of 20 and 65

6. Treatment of signs and symptoms of cervical dystonia

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